How does Microdata helps you in Improving your Website

How does Microdata helps you in Improving your Website

How does Microdata helps you in Improving your Website

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Most of the humans wish is to exercise, eat, work, have a good rest. But how many of us are doing it perfectly? It’s like we all think we should do it regularly, but following the process is difficult than it sounds . Similarly is inserting schema microdata into web pages too.

Schema and other structured markup formats is existing for several years, but many of the sites find difficult to include schema microdata in their web pages. Few people do not know what a micro data is still. Let’s see in detail today about this Microdata and how it can be used to improve your seo and website.

What is a Microdata?

Microdata is a hidden HTML code that should be inserted into your web pages. This is also referred as Structured data or Schema Markup Code. Most of the search engines use this microdata for the better understanding of the website content and therefore best results are possible for search engine users.

Schema Microdata will be provided as the search results clearly by the search engines based on your website, that may be a blog, ecommerce site, business listings etc. Each type of website will have different schema microdata.

What are the Benefits of using Microdata to your web pages?

  1. If you are using Microdata in your webpages, your website will stand out top in the search results.
  2. Increase in Page Rank.
  3. Improve your Click through rate(CTR).
  4. Increase your visibility
  5. When you have deep and clear results about your blog or website in the search results, then you will get potential customers, clients, visitors and thus the leads.
  6. Visitors engagement will be high for e commerce based companies with the use of Microdata in your website.
  7. Local business also get a huge impact while using microdata.
  8. Improves your site’s rich snippet.
  9. Your site appear more prominent in SERP’s.

How to Markup your pages using Microdata?

If you have a hundred of landing pages for your website, then it’s really difficult to add the microdata. You have to add manually in every pages of your website to enjoy the benefits.

If you having a website with less pages or else you are planning for a website , then you are lucky. Adding microdata to your website now would not be that much difficult. Follow this guide to add schema microdata to your website pages. You can use Google’s Structured Data testing tool to check whether everything is done perfectly.

Recently Google gave us a hint about this microdata and forms of this micro schema to be added as a ranking factor. This means when your website has microdata enabled then your site will rank better in search engines. At present only few sites are using Microdata in their web pages.

So if your web pages has no microdata, it’s the right time to add to your webpages. What you guys think about it? Drop your valuable ideas in the comment section below.

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