Few Digital Marketing Trends that Influenced your Business in 2016

Few Digital Marketing Trends that Influenced your Business in 2016

Few Digital Marketing Trends that Influenced your Business in 2016

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Without Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization , Digital Marketing would be nothing. Day by day there is change in marketing and algorithms and the scope for digital marketing is also increasing high.

Today in our blogs lets see the developments that has occurred in this year 2016.

  1. Mobile Optimization:

Smartphones and tablets has over craze over young generations to the old ones. Even a 5 year child is operating mobile phone easily. This is the increase in the tech, so Google has made mobile optimization as one of their ranking factors this year.

If your website is not a mobile responsive one, then your website is not going to rank better in search engines.

  1. Voice Search:

In 2016, Digital Assistants were mostly prefered by the mobile users. Their improved functionality has brought a huge impact on the digital marketing. Voice search has brought much changes in keyword research.

  1. Local SEO:

If your business is a local business, then local seo has a huge impact and effect on rankings. Google has significantly made this local seo an important factor and different search elements are used to provide certain info regarding local businesses.

  1. Social Posts:

If you have social media promotions for your business, then certainly you can expect your business to rank top in search engines. If you take social media promotions it includes images, PDF, PPT, video and many more. You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and many more social site in favor for your promotion.

  1. App Store Optimization:

If you have a business, you can prefer creating a business app for you, because increase in the mobile search users are preferring to download the app in their mobile phones and get the advantages on it. Having a app will improve the visibility and help you to shine among the app users.

  1. New On Page SEO:

Before if you say On page SEO, it’s enough to concentrate on content optimization, links structure and internal linking, but it’s different. You have to concentrate on social signals, click through rate, relevant content and many more. By measuring this new on page seo you can measure your business improving.

  1. Enhancements on the App functionality:

Developers are bringing out new apps everyday with their creative talents, facebook now has instant articles and automated video facility which is preferred by most of them.

  1. Videos:

Videos will always have a huge demand, so always concentrate on making videos for your business and on your web pages for your products or brand.

  1. Content:

Unique, attractive , relevant content – these are the king in digital  marketing. Without this your business would be nothing. So always concentrate on content marketing effectively.

  1. Web analytics Tools:

There are many free and paid web analytics tools at present through which you can be able to track all improvements in your business. You can check for the importance of free and paid web analytics tools here.

  1. Link Building:

Link Building is also one of the major strategy for the complete Digital Marketing Ethique. Concentrate on quality and effective link building methods to bring traffic and leads for your website.

  1. Advertising Cost:

Due to the increase of all the above effective factors, advertising cost has been increase in huge. If you spend some penny for your advertising campaign you will be able to get the results effectively and little bit faster than the free ones.

The above development in Digital Marketing has brought a huge demand in Digital Marketing Field. I would love to hear from your guys, what would be the effective digital marketing trends that will be popular and will become a trend in 2017? Please do drop down it in the comment section below.

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