Work out Your eBook marketing In A Creative Way! 

An eBook marketing strategy is extremely essential for the success of your book. It is an inexpensive way to cause awareness about your book or publishing program. We, at Digitz, offer workable marketing services, specially designed to make your eBook standout in the marketplace.

Our experts take the responsibility of promoting your eBook by creating interest, improving product visibility and ultimately increasing sales.

Our highly skilled experts will provide more exposures to your website, by using the social platforms that are suitable for your eBook marketing. It creates brand awareness, offers innovative promotions, generates a buzz and communicates with prospective customers. It also measures and reports the efficiency of various programs.

Unique insight in client’s behaviour and preferences 

We have helped many authors and publishers to attain high ROI by publicizing their book preview on the right social media channel. Each link, which gets sowed and publicized by us can be easily tracked and measured as and when needed. We also keep a track to find out if the sent book previews resulted in sale or not.

Our offered programs include: 

eBook – 

  • Author pages are submitted on the main industry websites
  • Giveaway and Discount campaigns
  • Release or announcement for bloggers and book reviewers
  • Author feature and book review campaign
  • Assistance in publishing printed books

Why Us? 

It is very challenging for publishers and authors to find out how their eBook will be found on eStores like Amazon and other book retailers. Moreover, it also becomes difficult to lead a campaign that reaches your target audience. Fortunately, we can assist you with all this and much more.

Our professional marketing team is continuously reviewing the changes in SEO sector and adjusting our eBook marketing strategies to catch up with the existing trend. In nutshell, we provide the best eBook marketing plan that will suit your budget and help you reach your goal.