How to Write an Effective Blog Comment to Increase your Traffic and Backlinks

How to Write an Effective Blog Comment to Increase your Traffic and Backlinks

How to Write an Effective Blog Comment to Increase your Traffic and Backlinks

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what are you getting into your mind when you hear the word “Blog Commenting” ?

“Hey nice article”, “thanks for sharing”, “great post! thank you”

Do you think this blog comments will work out for getting rankings and back links for your site?

Definitely No!

Let’s see today how to make your blog comments effective and what kind of blogs you should choose for commenting.

Step By Step Process for an effective Blog Comment:

Proceed below to check out the various process you need to follow while commenting on a blog.

Step 1: Choose the best Blogs for commenting

The main step is to choose the perfect, relevant and quality blogs for commenting. Ask the following questions yourself before choosing a blog for commenting.

  1. Whether the blog is active and its a authority blog
  2. Is it a reputed blog
  3. What kind of peoples are commenting on blogs
  4. Whether your blog is a Do follow or No follow
  5. Does the blog has a top commentator Do follow widget
  6. Check whether recent comments Widget is present or not

How to search for a best blog in Search Engine?

You may find many blogs to comment, but are they all reliable and effective one to get back links? You can use the phrases like “high PR blogs to comment” , “high PR Do follow blogs to comment”, “high PR blogs using CommentLuv/KeywordLuv plugin” etc for choosing the best blog for commenting.

What is the use of commenting on your business related blogs?

Commenting on the blogs that are relevant to your website will help in generating more traffic for your keywords in SERP’s. Visitors will check for your blog and also follow your comment.

Step 2: Link Acquisition

Do you have noticed the normal comment has turned into a discussion resulting in Brand Building. The link Acquisition opportunity is high when your comment turns into a discussion.

Step 3: Using your real identity and Name

Using the real name and identity when commenting on a blog will make you a genuine person and also all will trust you. Even at sometimes webmasters rejects the comments if they think the username and identity is fake.

Step 4: Complete knowledge on the website you are going to comment

If you are going to comment on a blog then you should have a completely knowledge on it. Check for the previous posts he made and how is his style of writing and how engaging he has made it through the comment section.

Step 5: Study the comments before you write a one

Whenever you are going to comment on a blog, check for others comments on the blog. How they have commented and what style and tone they are using for the commenting purpose. If you are new to blog commenting then you can make a comment replica to the previous comments in your own tone.

Step 6: D0 not Replica the comments

You might be well versed in the comment you are making about your business, but you have to check whether the same topic has been already spoken there. If you are talking the same topic again then your comment will have no value in the comment section. So do not replica, just be unique.

Step 7: Check for the characters

What if you are commenting on a blog and your comment is like an essay to read? Many of us won’t prefer long content, be short and sweet . You have to write at least 140 characters while commenting.

Step 8: Rewrite the blogs (Optional)

If you think the blog you are commenting can be little more elaborated, then start the same topic in your blog on your tone. You used to comment on a blog and drop down some reference link for the clear understanding. By making an elaborate post of the original version there is a chance of having your link as a reference in the same blog. Interesting right?

Step 9: Avoid Generic Comments

As i have pointed out in the introduction of this blog, the comments like great post, good blog, great informative blog will not work out. Avoid using this type of comments because this will show you as a spambot. Even if you are not a spammer, webmasters will think you as a spammer.

Step 10: Join the Discussions

There will be comments that will undergo discussions, so join them . there is a chance of building your brand too. You show interest on others comments, then they will do back. Be unique and interactive with every comments that has further discussions.

Step 11: Stop with one link

If you think you need to include your website in the blog commenting, stop it with one. Do not include any excessive links in your blog comment.

Step 12: Share your comment

Once you have posted the comments , the next step is to promote it. Share your comment in the social media posts so that many used to check for the profile and thus google crawls the page rapidly.

Wrap Up..

Following the above steps and proper strategy will end in good results. Blog commenting is a effective practice to improve your ranking and to obtain the back links. Many says that the blog commenting is dead, but that’s not true. Its effective til your content and strategy is perfect. Grow your network through blog commenting.

Any ideas on the topic are appreciated, feel free to share with us so that we can discuss more about it.

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