How to know Whether your Website is Penalized by Google

How to know Whether your Website is Penalized by Google

How to know Whether your Website is Penalized by Google

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Having a website on top of your search engines will help you to gain more traffic and leads for your website. What f your website is penalized by google? You could event think of it right, it will be a nightmare.

How will you find out if your website is penalized by Google and what are the reasons for it?

First we will know what a google penalty is.

If your website is not listed in the search engine rankings that may be partially or completely or else your rank of your keywords has dropped significantly due to the spam of algorithm automatically by Google’s web spam filtering algorithm like penguin or manually can be done by the web spam team.

Now let’s look for how to identify a google penalty.

  1. Google Webmaster tools will help you out to identify the Google Penalty.
  2. Sign into your Google Webmaster Tools account. Click on search traffic from manual actions.
  3. Google will display a message like there is “no manual webspam action found”
  4. This shows your website is safe from penalties.
  5. Sometimes it will display the type of penalties , if so then you have to take severe actions to rectify it.
  6. Another method is to log into google analytics and find out the date when organic loss in traffic was witnessed. Check if there was any google update occurred. If yes then your site is affected due to the particular update.
  7. Another method is to simply enter your website domain into the google search, if it does  not appear in the top 10 search results, then you can take as your site is penalized.

Let’s look for some manual action displayed in Google Webmaster Tools.

  1. Site Wide matches : The entire site would get affected due to this.
  2. Partial Matches: This type of penalty occurs only partial URL of your website.

These penalties may be due to the one of the following reasons:

  1. Unnatural links to your site- impact links
  2. Unnatural links to your site.
  3. Unnatural links from your site
  4. Hacked site
  5. Thin content with no value
  6. Pure spam
  7. User generated spam
  8. Cloaking
  9. Sneaky redirects
  10. Hidden text
  11. Keyword stuffing
  12. Spammy free hosts
  13. Spammy structured markup

So avoid this mistakes in your website and also follow only white hat techniques to perform your SEO.

Share your ideas and tips in the comment section below.

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