Few things you need to know about Marketing your Local Business on Instagram

Few things you need to know about Marketing your Local Business on Instagram

Few things you need to know about Marketing your Local Business on Instagram

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Instagram, which is a photo sharing app is ruling the social media world now. Do you know that the most famous channels like Saturday Night Live, National Geographic Channel use Instagram for building the buzz and creating a strong relationship with their consumers.

You would be shocked if you know how many million users are there at present. According to a recent survey there are more than 420 millions of people using Instagram.

Do you know what makes this social network so special?

It’s the way of engagement with other users. Can you believe if the number of engagement for Instagram is very high when compared to Facebook and Twitter? No right. But this is the fact. You can use this for marketing your local business too. Do you want to know ? Let’s see today in our blog in detail.

Steps for Marketing your Local Business in Instagram:

  1. Your location is important when you start with your BIO. You can include like your business is situated in particular city and we are doing so and so business.
  2. Knowing your target audience and focusing on them is the main motto of local seo. If you are focus on your city or state, then use some of the best images that your city or state has. This is one of the effective way to market your local business in Instagram.
  3. More than Instagram Photos, the videos are having two times importance and engagement.
  4. Hash (#) tag has important aspects to find your images on Instagram. So include hashtag with your local posts.
  5. Make a community with the people in your niche so that you can establish yourself among the crowd.
  6. Contact with the business figures around there to build stronger engagement.
  7. If there are any local brands, ask them for the partnership.
  8. Make the practice of capitalizing on the particular news for its popularity and to expand your sales for the marketing success.
  9. Make use of the Photo map in Instagram
  10. Create brand ambassadors for your site so that they keep promoting and speaking of your photos and videos.
  11. Whoever likes your photos, you can give a offer for them like t shirt, gifts etc.
  12. Collect all your customer profiles, call them for some offline events.
  13. There may be something trending on the Instagram which would be followed by the hash tag, so use the trend for promoting your marketing.
  14. Ask your customers that they are satisfied or query up with some questions.
  15. Know the time of your target audience activity and post it in the right time.

Apart from this show the love for your local place. Show them up with stories and share the photos of your top customers that will help you to get close to them. So if you think you need to market your local business, Instagram would be the right social network.

Having any other ideas of marketing your business with Instagram? Share it with us through comment section below.

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