Few Black Hat Techniques that Harms your SEO Rankings

Few Black Hat Techniques that Harms your SEO Rankings

Few Black Hat Techniques that Harms your SEO Rankings

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As a SEO Professional you might have known what are the effectiveness of performing White Hat Techniques for your business to grow. The global world is changing rapidly with development in all types of fields. SEO is also one of them, there are lot of changes that occurred in SEO, the past and new SEO is completely different.

Google continuously updates their search algorithm regularly and for the better results in the search engines. Most of the business owners employ the this seo techniques to rank higher in search engines.

This can be possible completely with the White Hat Technique. This means you are staying a large step backward from illegal and unethical Black Hat SEO techniques. Every one start with the basics with on page SEO to optimize their website like Meta tags, XML sitemap, google crawl etc. The SEO tactics have to be implemented slowly and steadily for the complete success.

If you are performing Black Hat SEO techniques, this can be easily detected by Google Algorithms like Panda and Penguin. Those algorithm was introduced to remove all the penalized sites from the search engines. So here are some of the Black Hat Techniques you should avoid.


Most of them perform this process in their method. This is one of the bad black hat techniques that is the practice of deceiving the search engines and establishing other web after the user enters into a website. This process can be easily caught by search engines.

Duplicate Content:

You are writing a content for your website, you just copy your competitor’s content and applying it in your website. What is the result? Penalty is the only thing you are going to get for your website.

Link Exchange:

Link Exchange was into practice before few years, After an google update, this process was considered as one of the black hat technique. It’s good to bring back links by building your links manually and not by link exchange process.

Buying Links:

At present you can find dozens of advertisements asking them to buy their products for low prices. They also call people and ask them to buy their link for few dollars. This is one of the black hat technique after the update of Google Penguin.

Keyword Stuffing:

Now keyword has no much value for rankings as before. If you stuff your website content with keywords will definitely leave you behind.

Over Optimization:

What if you are stuffing the links in multiple website in a short period of time?  As you say slow and steady wins the race, this suits well and perfect for search engine optimization. You have to go effectively with natural links that too in a correct way. Over optimization may help in getting your website to know in search results, but the results are not going to stay stable.

Hidden Text:

If you have a white text on the white background, what is the use? This is mostly used to stuff your website with keywords. Can you see the color? NO! But google Bots can look for it. As they are automated , the source code will leave the trace for them. Check for your source codes, they should be hidden text free.

Link Farms:

You have a dummy site for your website just to increase the link popularity through another website. This is link farms. It will be like your site have a lot of hyperlinks but nothing related to the website. This is the most  unrelated and un natural links the Google hates. They will trace it and penalize your website in this case.


What if your content is not related, quality less and imperfect ? your website would be zero. Content is the most important factor for ranking your website in search engines. So focus on quality content. This will always help you to achieve the success.

Hope you got an idea now, why you should not use the Black Hat Technique for your website to rank higher.

What are the black hat techniques to avoid? What will be your suggestions on this topic? Or If you have any queries, feel free to ask us through the comment section below.

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